Julep Nail Mask Review

I recently purchased the Julep Nail Mask as an add-on to my August 2014 subscription box. I was very curious if this would do anything for my nails. The instructions say to leave it on for 20-30 minutes. I lasted 25. :) Before you scroll down, I have to warn you that my nails are pretty badly stained. I have OPI Tiff

any Case to thank for that! So please try and look past the yellow/blue  tinge! Thanks!! :)




Here is my “Before” shot. I had just removed my polish and applied hand lotion, per my usual routine. Normally I would just dive right in to paining my nails, but tonight I did the 25 minute mask.


Here’s what the masks look like! They’re like little envelopes you put over your nails. They did slip and slide around a little. I had to keep pulling them down to stay in place.


And…..here are my nails after. I notice zero difference! Sad face! Julep-Nail-Mask-Review-after

And Just to be sure…here’s a side by side. I purposely took the ‘before’ picture with the pink packaging in the background and the ‘after’ picture without…just to make sure I knew which photos were which. And I’m glad I did! There is no noticeable difference in my nails.¬† Granted, I think my nails were in good shape before (aside from the staining which isn’t really indicitive of nail health, just silly polish).


What do you think? Have you tried this?

Author: Anne

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