Zoya Naturel Watermarble!

When I received a press sample of the Zoya Naturel collection, I knew right away that I wanted to do a watermarble with them. I’m still learning how to do this style of nail art, but I really love how my ring finger turned out! It was the first one a did. Should have stopped there! If only I could have photoshopped that one nail on to all the rest. Then you really would have been impressed. LOL Too bad I don’t use Photoshop and never will! I used Zoya Aubrey, Zoya Spencer, and Zoya Emilia. I did one coat of Spencer as a base coat.





Thanks for stopping by my blog today! It’s a busy, busy Saturday in my house! It’s one of those weekends where it kinda sucks being an adult because all of your time is spend doing boring things like replacing burnt out lightbults. Le Sigh. BUT, my sister is coming in to town next weekend and I’m super excited to see her and her little baby!

Author: Anne

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