Doctor Who Nail Art Second Regeneration

I just can’t get enough Doctor Who nail art! When I did my first mani, found here, Fixin to Faff told me there were MORE Doctor Who Stamping Plates! Um….I obviously had to buy them. My original first generation Doctor Who nail art used one from My Online Shop (it’s not mine, that’s the name of the shop :P) She actually sells two with Doctor Who images on it so I bought that and the one made by Vivid Lacquer.

I started with two coats of Emerald & Ash Cherenkov Radiation which I bough with a gift card I won from Polished Pathology. (BTW, second only to Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil, I LOVE Emerald & Ash Cuticle Oils. Especially the one called Monkey Farts.) Then, I used Sally Hansen Liquid Gold to stamp the Cyberman and Sally Hansen Sterling Silver to stamp the rest. I hope you like it! :)






Here’s a plain swatch of Cherenkov Radiation for you. It’s a gorgeous sea blue with tiny shimmers in it. This is two coats. The formula was good and it self-leveled well.




For size reference, here is my new My Online Shop plate next to MoYou and under the Pueen. It’s quite large with a ton of images!


Here’s the Vivid Lacquer plate next to MoYou and under Pueen. It’s much smaller than the My Online Shop one, but contains awesome images.


Closeup of the Vivid Lacquer. I couldn’t get one of the My Online Shop. It was too big! LOL!


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