Watermarble Rainbow for Fingerfood’s Theme Buffet

Happy Sunday, everyone! This week, the FingerFood Theme Buffet Prompt is Rainbow! I wanted to do a different spin on this, so after some thought, I decided to do a watermarble!



On the first finger, I used Sally Hansen Heart to Heart, Sephora by OPI Paisley Attention to Me, and Sally Hansen Sizzlin’ Saffron.


On my middle finger, I used Sally Hansen Sizzlin’ Saffron and Zoya Tilda. I was going to use Paisley Attention to me again, but it would not cooperate with the other two. Apparently it is just too much of an attention hog! Watermarble-Nail-Art

On my ring finger, I used Sally Hansen Sizzlin’ Saffron, Zoya Tilda, and Sally Hansen Pacific Blue (original formula). The yellow and blue outshadowed the green, but I kinda like this finger anyway.Watermarble

Finally, on my pinkie, I used Zoya Tilda, Sally Hansen Pacific Blue (original formula), and Formula X for Sephora Indelible. I think this is my favorite finger! The colors go well together and the marble itself turned out nicely. Rainbow-Watermarble

I’m sad that a few of my fingers got smudged. My pointer finger was actually perfect and I was so proud of it….and then I bumped it into one of the bottles.  Grrr! Argh! I actually had to do my middle finger three times! And it still bubbled and smeared. Curses!!!Nail-Art-Watermarble

I am kind of curious about what it would look like if I had used all the polishes at once! Hmm….a test for another day! :P

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Author: Anne

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