Same or Similar? Saturday – OPI Hot Pink Duel

I’ve really been enjoying the new OPI LE Polishes lately, but I started noticing a weird trend. It really started looking like there was the same pink over and over again! Most obviously, the pink from the Gwen Stefani collection, OPI Hey, Baby, the pink from the Sally Beauty Anniversary Collection, OPI 50 is the new Fabulous, and finally, the pink from the Mustang Collection, OPI Girls Love Ponies. I needed to see these side-by-side to tell if they were true dupes or not. Let’s see if you can tell the difference!



Here are the bottle shots. Can you see why I am accusing these of being dupes?


Ok, let’s see if you got them right! My pointer on your left is OPI Girls Love Ponies, then OPI 50 is the New Fabulous, next OPI Hey, Baby, and finally, 50 again.

Did you get them all? Could you tell which pink was repeated??




I think the OPI 50 is the New Fabulous and Girls Love Ponies are dupes. I can see no discernible difference between the two of them!  Good thing I freakin’ love the color! OPI Hey, Baby is sliiiiiiiightly lighter than the others. In passing, I think it would be called a dupe but when you analyze them, it does look lighter.

In conclusion, I would say that you really only need one of these unless you’re a collection. And obviously you’d get the Mustang one because Mustangs are the sh!t.


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Author: Anne

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