Orly Retro Red Glitter Tips

TJ Maxx is very, very dangerous…

I picked up Orly Retro Red and OPI Which is Witch? recently at the Teej. I was expecting Retro Red to be a matte finish since the bottle is all frosty. Well shows what I know! It was a weird finish. LOL Not creamy, but not matte. I did end up doing a glossy topcoat over it and liked it much better. The formula wasn’t that great on this one, though. It didn’t level well and was on the thick side. After two coats of Retro Red, I added OPI Which is Witch? to the tips. Of course the formula was perfect, which is what I’ve come to expect from OPI.


First, let’s look at Orly Retro Red on its own.Orly-Retro-Red

And now for the glitter tips!




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