Essie Trophy Wife and Essie Strut Your Stuff Swatches

While I was at Target, I kept seeing these two Essie polishes calling out to me. I was hesitant to get them because they were full price and Target has a ton of clearance polish right now, so I wasn’t sure I could justify it. But then they started calling louder and louder and louder! So finally I relented and decided to adopt them.

First, I have Essie Trophy Wife. This is a teal metallic with tiny shimmers in it. It’s crazy beautiful. I think teal is one of my favorite polish colors and this certainly does the color justice.



Essie Strut Your Stuff is a teal creme. It looks blue in this photo. I took picture after picture with different camera settings and they all turned it blue! ARGH! This is probably one of the most  frustrating things for bloggers. In real life, Strut Your Stuff is very teal and will call to you from across the store. This picture does not even do it justice. I even hesitated to publish it at all!


Author: Anne

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