Enchanted Polish May 2014, June 2014, and July 2014

A few weeks ago, Enchanted Polish had another pre-order for the monthly nail polishes and I picked up all of the available three – Enchanted Polish May 2014, June 2014, and July 2014. I’m a sucker for Enchanted Polish! And I was not disappointed this time!!  I have put the box shots first, above the page break so that in case you’re still waiting for yours, your surprise isn’t spoiled. But, if you don’t care and just want to see some holo-mazing polishes, click on through!





In the bottle, these are obviously gorgeous, but seriously once you get these on and see them in the sun, it’s freaking amazing. It’s no wonder so many girls go ga-ga over Enchanted Polish! All of the pictures show two coats of polish. I was also extra lucky today because the sun came out to play! So you get to see the usual lightbox shots and direct sunlight shots! The latter, of course, are the true best shots!

Enchanted Polish May 2014 is a burnt orange linear holo. I don’t usually like orange, but this one is so freaking amazing, that I must concede my love for it.






Next, Here is Enchanted Polish June 2014. This is a duochrome AND a holo. It shifts from royal purple to an orange AND has a linear holo. My brain exploded everywhere. I took these pictures after cleaning that up.






Finally, we have Enchanted Polish July 2014. This is a red linear holo. There was some rumblings that it’s a dupe of Enchanted Polish November 2013, so I show the swatch sticks side-by-side in sunlight at the end.








Is Enchanted Polish July 2014 a dupe for Enchanted Polish November 2013? I would say no, not exactly. They are QUITE similar but I think that July 2014 is a true red while November 2013 is an orange-red. They are remarkably close and I don’t think everyone needs both, unless you’re crazy….like me! But it’s a fun crazy!


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