Benefit They’re Real Push Up Eyeliner Review

Benefit They’re Real Mascara is my favorite mascara of all time. Sometimes, I’ll sneak off and have an affair with another mascara, but I always return to They’re Real. So, when Benefit announced they were launching a Benefit They’re Real Push Up Eyeliner, I did this:


I eagerly awaited my Ulta order (which obviously had some nail polish in it too, so there was that anticipation, too!). It finally came and I got to try it! Let’s take a look.

Here is what I look like with everything done except eyeliner and mascara.



They Benefit They’re Real Push Up Eyeliner has a rubber tip and the product comes out of a hole in the middle of it by twisting on the bottom. It’s very easy to get too much out on the first try, so I wiped the excess on my hand.



Then, I carefully applied it to my eyes. It did take a little getting used to, as I normally use a brush to apply eyeliner. But, after I got the hang of it, I really liked it. Since the tip is rubber, it’s always holding its shape whereas a brush might have a renegade bristle and you get a weird line above where you actually want your line! Here is what I look like with the eyeliner applied.



I love how it instantly makes me look not deathly ill anymore. I’ve always preferred gel eyeliner so this really is a product I love already. Especially since now I don’t have to wash a brush after each use! :P

Finally, I added Benefit They’re Real Mascara.



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Overall, I am very pleased with this eyeliner. I did have some smudging under my eyes at the end of the day, but it’s been super hot here and since it’s rarely super hot here, nobody has A/C. Therefore,  I was sweating like a stuck pig. (I know, that is super sexy, right?) I did have to work a little to get it all off at the end of the day, but that has always been the case for me with They’re Real mascara and is the case with any long-lasting product.


If you like gel or liquid liner, I would highly recommend Benefit They’re Real Push Up Eyeliner. It will take some getting used to with the rubber applicator, but I think you might really like it.

If you’ve already tried this, what did you think?

Author: Anne

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