Salon Perfect Neon Pop Collection!

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The Salon Perfect Neon Pop Collection was sent to me to review and I’m so happy it was! This collection is bright bright bright! You can see the press release, along with a complete list of colors, here. I got 7 from the Neon Pop collection and 2 from their regular line.



Salon Perfect Loopy Lime is much brighter in person. Neons are notoriously difficult to photograph! In these pictures, you’ll notice the background is darker than usual. That is because I was really focusing on getting color accurate nail polish, to the detriment of a lovely white background. Also, since I don’t photoshop, it is what it is! :P

All swatches are two coats. When the swatch is layered over white, there are two coats of white and then two coats of the color. All fingers are topped with Salon Perfect’s clear top coat.

I applied two coats of Salon Perfect Sugar cube (a lovely white creme) to my pointer and ring finger. I left my pinkie and middle finger naked. Great news! It made a small difference, but for Loopy Lime, I would say that you’re ok without using white undies. I did have some trouble getting it to self-level, but if you want a little bit extra in between coats, it will work out just fine.


Salon Perfect Yowza Yellow really is yowza! It is aptly named. Think about those yellow highlighters that you used in school. When they were new and fresh and hadn’t highlighted anything yet. Remember the joy you felt when you highlighted that first passage in a book? And the yellow POPPED off the page? And you were so proud of yourself for finding something so important to highlight? Knowing that for years to come, every future owner of the textbook would appreciate your brilliance in finding just the right thing to highlight? Yeah, that’s this polish.

Yellow Yowza needs white undies for sure. The middle and pinkie finger just look washed out.


Salon Perfect Fired Up Fuchsia is also aptly named! Now, you could go without white undies for this one. In fact, I like it both ways. With white undies, it pops a lot more, but it’s also quite gorgeous on its own. Almost like two polishes in one bottle!


Salon Perfect Flamingo Flair is a bright coral. This is another one that I think can go without white undies. I really, really like this one. It’s the most neutral in the collection, but really still gives you that flair of summery color that everyone is looking for these days. I don’t think this one is aptly named. when I think of a flamingo, I think pinkpinkpink, but this is definitely in the coral family.  Regardless of name, this is a great color!


Salon Perfect Haute Pink is a bright orange! Why did they call it Haute Pink? Beats me! But let’s take a moment to appreciate that we have another one that can go without undies but looks great – and different – with undies. Like the fuchsia one, I feel like I’m getting two colors in one, depending on if I layer it over white. As a reminder, the white undies are on my pointer and ring finger (1st and 3rd from the left) and my pinkie and middle finger are naked.



Salon Perfect Tickled Pink is a baby pink with pop! This one could go without undies if you’re so inclined.




Salon Perfect Traffic Cone is another perfectly named one. Seriously, this looks exactly like a traffic cone! You can’t tell as big of a difference in the picture, but this one really does need the white undies to come to life.


Salon Perfect Bermuda, Baby is from the core collection. This is a great blue! It has teeny tiny shimmers that really give the color a lot of depth.




Salon Perfect Plum Sorbet is a gorgeous purple with a crelly finish. This is another one from their regular line! I love it!



From the Neon Pop collection, I would say Flamingo Flair and Tickled Pink are my favorites. They are very wearable in every day life. The two that really are the attention grabbers are Yowza Yellow and Traffic Cone. Those ones seriously shout across a room!


What do you think? Will you be picking any of these up? Don’t forget to share with your friends, enemies, and frenemies by clicking one of the social media links below!

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