Decal Nail Art for Tri-Polish Tuesday

For this week’s Tri-Polish Tuesday challenge, I decided to give homemade decals another go. If you’re not familiar with this technique, basically you take a stamping plate, (I picked Vivid Lacquer VL022), and stamp it on a stamper like always (I use Wistonia), but instead of then putting it on your nails, you let it dry on the stamper. Once dry (and really – wait until it’s dry. You ‘ll see my mistake below), then you color in the image however you want. Then let THAT dry and top with a topcoat. Once it’s dry (again!) then right next to the edge of the design, press your nail into the stamper head. The image should start to lift off the stamper. Gently pull it off. Then, paint your nails one coat of color or basecoat or something so they’re wet. Place the decal on your nail. Use cuticle nippers to trim the excess and a brush dipped in acetone for fine-tuning. Easy-peasy! Perhaps I should film it someday?? But there are for sure a lot of great tutorials on You Tube for this.

Polishes used:






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Author: Anne

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