OPI Mustang Collection!

I am a huge fan of Ford Mustangs so when I found out that they were doing a collaboration with OPI it was like stars collided in my head. Two of my favorite things banded together? Oh me oh my! I couldn’t wait to get my greedy little paws on them! When the lovely USPS man delivered them to my eagerly awaiting front door, I pushed aside all other adult responsibilities (Dishes, be damned!) and immediately began swatching them. Overall, I really, really like this collection and I’m quite pleased I purchased it. However, there are some that are *so* similar to other OPI polishes (and quite recent ones!) that unless you’re a collector or crazy about Mustangs, then you probably don’t need to pick them up. But I’ll let you be the judge of that!

Also, for the first time ever, I have swatched polishes with both a glossy top coat and then with a matte topcoat! I think you’re in for a treat! There are six polishes in the collection and I think they have some good diversity.

Here’s me in high school chillin’ in my dad’s sunshine yellow mustang. Too bad OPI didn’t make this color in the collection! It would have been very sentimental! My dad sold all his Mustangs to put me through college so I pretty much owe him bigtime. Maybe I should sent him some nail polish? Do you think that would make it up to him?




OPI Angel with a Leadfoot is a creamy white. I did three coats on this one, but two would be sufficient if you don’t have horrible blue stains on your nails like I do. :P This is a fantastic color and formula, as we’ve all come to expect from OPI. However, it really is just a plain white cream so unless you’re a collector, you probably don’t need this guy in your collection.


It does look fabulous matte, though! I love a white mani and I especially love a matte white mani!



OPI 50 Years of Style is a metallic gold. This is two coats from a great formula. This is one of the slightly more unique ones in the collection. I don’t have a dupe of this guy already because it’s more of a yellow gold and most of mine a gold-gold. (Does that even make sense?) The closest I have is Sally Hansen Yellow Gold, but the finishes are really different.



And here’s this guy all matted out. I really love this one matte! I think I like it better matte than glossy!


OPI Race Red is an orange-red. I have seen some criticism that this isn’t a true red, but you know what it is true to? The actual Ford Mustang color Race Red. If you go Google image search that (go ahead, I’ll wait here), you’ll see that once you get past the polish pics, the pics of cars show this red. So I can really appreciate that about this OPI color!


And another lovely matted polish! I really think I need to matte more stuff in my life!


OPI Girls Love Ponies is a gorgeous hot pink. Really gorgeous. However, this is pretty darn close to OPI 50 is the New Fabulous which was a LE polish for Sally Beauty. They aren’t exact-exact but they are so freaking close that you would be hard-pressed to need both of them in your collection. Unless you’re crazy like me, of course.


And holy crap on a stick. It’s crazy insane beautiful matte. I want to eat it, I love it so much.


OPI The Sky’s My Limit is the winner in this collection by far. It’s a shimmer blue with golden green shimmer shifts. Just stunning. If you’re getting one from this collection, it better be this one. Or else.

And wait for it….ON ALL THAT IS HOLY. Check out The Sky’s My Limit matted. Did you just have a heart attack along with me?


OPI Queen of the Road appears to be a cream black but it secretly hides golden shimmers in it. They give the black a ton of depth and you can catch glimpses of them in the sun. (I can’t do that because I’m a vampire…I mean…I live in the Pacific NW.)


And of course it looks great matte!


So what do you think? Are you picking any of these up?

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