FingerPaints Enchanted Mermaid Collection (The Weirdest Stuff Ever)

The following post is not a joke…

I was at Sally’s this past weekend and I saw that FingerPaints were buy 2 get 1 free. I also saw they had a new collection out. The FingerPaints Enchanted Mermaid Collection. Who doesn’t want to look more like a mermaid? So obviously I grab all four (plus two random ones! Go bogo, go!)

Well here’s the summary of what happened.




Now that I have properly set up YOUR expectations, let’s take a look.


Pretty colors, right? You can see why I would buy them, right?



Here’s FingerPaints Sailor’s Lure. The color is gorgeous. It’s a duochrome purple/blue. But the formula is atrocious and my fingers look like they are growing mold. Not a cute look.


I cry myself to sleep that this color is so pretty and they had to go and ruin it with lumps and bumps and the weirdest freaking texture ever on the planet ever.


FingerPaints Tails of Love. Another great duochrome. Shifts from green to blue. And I’m still crying because they ruined it! Ruined!





FingerPaints Underwater Enchantress. Do I even need an intro anymore?





And guess what? I saved the best for last. Because FingerPaints Sea Temptress makes me look like I have a serious disease and should go to the doctor right away.



I’m sure someone out there will make some really amazing nail art with these and everyone will flock to the stores looking for them. But until then, I’m just going:

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