Walking Through Dust

Happy Wednesday!!! I hope your week is going well. :) For today’s mani, I have OPI DS Lapis which is wickedly gorgeous. Then, I used my white Bundle Monster Stamping Polish and MoYou Artist Collection Plate 08 to stamp this frame design on my nails. Unfortunately, they’re a bit crooked. I was super distracted by Doctor Who and was not paying 100% attention. Oopsies! No spoilers, please! I’m only on Season 3 episode 3!!! :)


Here’s a plain swatch of OPI DS Lapis.  It naturally dries to a somewhat textured, matte finish. It’s gorgeous on its own, no top coat required. But, I will show you it glossy later, just make sure you’re wearing a hat because it’s going to blow your mind. (The hat is to keep all your head bits together when your mind is blow…)


Here’s my stamping while the polishes are still matte.


And now the mind blowing part starts…check out this macro shot of Lapis. OH. EM. GEEEEE.



And here is this mani using a shiny topcoat. Lapis comes alive glossed! So sparkly! It’s like looking at the night sky 1,000 years ago before we had light pollution!







I hope you liked today’s mani! And I’m off to watch more Doctor Who….

Author: Anne

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