Starlooks Starbox June 2014

My Starlooks Starbox June 2014 box is here! Hooray! This is one of my favorite subs. This month, we got three full-sized items and I’m quite excited about two of them. Let’s take a look…





I love Starlooks’s lipstick. My favorite lipstick ever is Starlooks, so I was happy to see that I was getting another one. This is from their Limitless Longwear Lipstick line. The color is Royal Red and a little goes a long way! I’m a little surprised to see such a dark berry in a summer box. This color screams winter to me, but it certainly is pretty and I certainly will wear it.




I also got an eyeliner pot. This is the item I’m not too thrilled about. I like their eyeliners in general…but this color! WTF? Who wants mustard yellow eyeliner? I don’t see myself using this at all. Please tell me! What would you use yellow eyeliner for???



The third item is a cream blush in the color Fallen Angel. This shade is perfect for me and I will use it as a highlighter. It goes on smoothly and I think the color is great!





If you’re a subscription addict like me, I think you should check out Starbox. It’s $17/month and the value received each month is far beyond that amount. I don’t see Starbox on a lot of other blogs, so I don’t think it’s widely known – but it should be!!

Author: Anne

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