Striping Tape Tutorial

I love, love, love striping tape so I thought I would write up how I do my striping tape manis. Ironically enough, this is one of the worse striping tape manis I’ve done! LOL. I made a couple mistakes which I will point out along the way so that you will know not to make them like I did. :)

Step one is to paint your nails just like a regular mani – basecoat, color, topcoat. I use HK Girl Top Coat because it dries crazy fast. I am not a patient person!

I selected piCture pOlish aphrodisiac for this mani. It’s a dark, dark purple.



Once dry (about 10 minutes if you’re using a super fast drying top coat), lay down striping tape in whatever pattern your heart desires. I put my striping tape in an old tape dispenser like this for easy access. I use scissors to cut it because it’s too thin for the teeth on the dispenser to cute.




Here’s where I made a mistake – if you look carefully, the tape is not flush with my nail. It must be flush all the way to your skin in order to work properly. Otherwise, the polish will bleed underneath and it won’t look good. See the gaps? There’s on at the top of the nail and one on the right. Those should not be there!!



Then, paint your next color on top! I picked piCture pOlish Jasmine. This is another error I made. This kind of mani works best if the darker color is on top. Since you need to remove the tape when wet, you really can only do one coat. Therefore, you want the darker polish on top so it’s more opaque. I did this backward so I had to do jasmine in a really thick coat which doesn’t look that great.


Once you’ve painted the second color on one nail, remove the striping tape right away. It needs to come up when the polish is wet. If the first polish comes up with the striping tape, then you didn’t wait long enough for it to dry.


Once all your nails are done repeating the steps above, you can put another layer of top coat on to seal it all in. Then, you end up with something like this! You can see on my pinkie what the effects of non-flush striping tape were. See how Jasmine has bleed into the straight lines? Not cute. But at least my mistake shows you what happens and why! ;)






I hope this tutorial on striping tape was helpful for you! Sorry my end-product wasn’t perfect. LOL. Perhaps I’ll re-do this tutorial some day with a perfect end product!!


Author: Anne

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