Galaxy Nail Art

I have been crazy for the Sally Hansen Big Smoky Top Coat which I first swatched here. Ever since that post, I couldn’t stop thinking about what Smoky would look like over blue. I also imagined that it would be a great base for a galaxy mani, so I decided to give it a shot. I like how this turned out and I think I was totally right about Smoky looking awesome over blue.

Polishes used:

Orly Royal Navy

Sally Hansen Big Smoky Top Coat

China Glaze When Stars Collide

China Glaze Cosmic Dust

China Glaze Winter Holly

Mentality Anne

China Glaze Fairy Dust**

Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in White

First, let’s take a look at what Orly Royal Navy Looks like on its own. Then, we’ll view the magic of Sally Hansen Big Smoky Top Coat.


And here’s Royal Navy with  Smoky on top. I think it adds a gorgeous amount of dimension to the polish without even hiding the natural green shimmers in Royal Navy. And, I think it’s a great base for a galaxy mani!



And here are all the shots of my galaxy mani. I used a sponge to dab on the different colors. I used the same spot on the sponge each time to try and blend the colors together. I like how this turned out, but it’s not quite as great as some of the other galaxy manis I’ve seen online.


















**If you haven’t seen it already, the Mercurial Magpie wrote a HILARIOUS post about China Glaze Fairy Dust. It cracks me up and you should go read it. You can find it HERE.


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