Salon Perfect Paint the Town Red, White, and Blue Swatches and Review

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I received these polishes, decals, and striping tape from Salon Perfect. This is their new collection, “Salon Perfect Paint the Town Red, White, and Blue”. You can see a full listing of colors and availability here. I was sent two packs of decals, two packs of striping tape, a clear top coat, and these seven polishes:

  • Salon Perfect Wild Blue Yonder
  • Salon Perfect Silver Sparkler
  • Salon Perfect Fool’s Gold
  • Salon Perfect Paint the Town Red
  • Salon Perfect Grand Finale
  • Salon Perfect Save Me a Spot
  • Salon Perfect Star Spangled






As you can see, this collection with have you squared away for the Fourth of July. You will not need any other polishes! LOL! This line is perfect!


Salon Perfect Wild Blue Yonder is a gorgeous light blue creme. The brush was a little tough to use but I managed to make it work. It self-leveled ok, but it did kind of drip to the corner. I wasn’t doing super thick coats or anything, it just sank a little. I really love this color, though. It’s very rich. I also like how it’s not the classic cobalt you see for 4th of July. It will be very versatile.



  Salon Perfect Fool’s Gold is a glitter topper with small circle glitters and medium hexagon glitters. The application on this was great. I didn’t need to fish or anything.


Salon Perfect Paint the Town Red is one of the stars of this collection. It’s a gorgeous red crelly. I can’t get enough of this. It’s already one of my favorite reds and I’ve only owned it for a day or two! It’s just a great formula. It went on smoothly and looks gorgeous.


Salon Perfect Grand Finale is a glitter topper with silver, blue, and red bar glitters. I didn’t have to fish for glitters, but I did have to adjust them a little at the tips so I didn’t have bars hanging off the edge. But that is typical of any bar glitter. I think this one could be really  fun layered many times over itself. Just a giant patriotic firework on your nail.


Salon Perfect Save Me a Spot by far has the best name. Get it? It’s spotted glitters? And the name is Save Me a SPOT? LOL. I literally laughed when I read the name. I love it. I did have to fish quite a bit to get the circles out. If I just pulled the brush out like usual, there was only one or two circles on it. Luckily, they were easy to fish  out.


Salon Perfect Silver Sparkler  is another glitter topper with tiny holo silver glitters and medium hex glitters. This one didn’t need any effort to get a nice level of coverage. I think this one would be perfect over almost any color! It’s simple and pretty!


Salon Perfect Star Spangled is the STAR of this collection (See? They’re not the only ones that can make puns!!) I looooove this glitter topper, and I’m not a huge fan of glitter as many of you know. I love the holo specs and the star glitters are just so fun and cute. I will be wearing this for 4th of July hands down. (Oh daaaang. There she goes again!)


I also wanted to try out the decals. I really liked them at first because they seemed like they were sticky enough to last a while. Unfortunately, when I applied my top coat, things went haywire. The decals started peeling up and bubbling. It is really weird. I’m going to try them again with a different top coat to see if that makes a difference. I used HK Girl this time and it clearly did not get along with these decals.


Do you have a favorite in this collection? What do you think? Will you be picking any of them up at your local drugstore?

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