Father’s Day Mani – Inspired By His Art

My father is a very important person in my life. He is an incredibly hard worker and instilled in me a work ethic that I never would have summoned up on my own. For his living, he makes beautiful, usable ceramic pottery. The wonderful thing about his pottery is it’s all functional. In fact, my entire dish set was made with his two hands. In honor of Father’s Day, I have attempted to re-create his signature look on my nails.

Here is what his pottery looks like.



Here is the mani I did to recreate the look of the plate:



To recreate the look of the plate, I started with two coats of Julep Anne and let it dry.


Then, I sponged on Nailtini Admiral Perry. I waited until Anne was dry because I wanted a harsher line than you would usually see in a polish gradient.



Then, I used a nail art striping brush to sweep on the squiggly lines in three different colors: Julep Kate (white), Nailtini Bordeaux (wine), and Sally Hansen Jade Jump (green).







I did do one last sweep of Anne and I think I should have skipped that step. Oh well!


Don’t forget to call your dad today! I’m off to call mine. :P

Author: Anne

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