Ipsy Glam Bag June 2014

I received my Ipsy Glam Bag June 2014 in the mail today! Hooray for mail! If you’re planning to sign up for Ipsy, I would love it if you would use my referral link by clicking here. I simply earn points toward extra products in future glam bags. :) So you’d be doin’ me a solid.

I like this bag much better than last month’s bag. I’m not normally disappointed so last month was an exception. This month, they are back on track with me. :)

The bag itself this month is gorgeous. Although, I will admit that I have no idea what to do with this many small cosmetics bags. I just have a pile of them in my polish storage drawers!


Here’s the group photo of all five products from my bag this month.



And here are the individual shots:

First, I got Skinn by Dimitry James Olive & Enzyme Cleanser. You’re supposed to apply all overy our face and neck then rinse. You can also leave it on for 5-10 minutes to use as a deep cleansing mask.



Next, NYX Apple Studel Butter Gloss. This smells fairly good, but not at all like apple strudel. LOL. The color is perfect for me and I’m excited to have this. This is the exact kind of product that makes me excited to be an Ipsy subscriber.



NickaK Shimmer Eyeliner. This is a gorgeous color. I am definitely excited to try it. Again, another great product to try from Ipsy.



Marc Anthony Beach Spray. This is the only product that I’m not excited about. I really hate hair products and I’ve tried a number of “beach waves” products and they always make my hair look assier than usual. I will be giving this away to someone. Just don’t know who yet! :)



Be a Bombshell Lash Out Mascara. Yes! I love their eyeliner and lipgloss (both of which I’ve received from Ipsy) so I’m thrilled to get the mascara!



I am VERY happy with my Glam Bag this month! It’s value is way more than the $10 charge each month.

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