Stamping with Sally Hansen Matte Polish

I kept asking myself, “Would Sally Hansen Matte Polish stamp well?” So of course I gave it a try! You can see plain swatches of these polishes here. I started with two coats of Sally Hansen Mauve Matter which will be released next month in their new Beach Mattitude collection. It dried super fast without a top coat. I was a little worried I might smudge it if I didn’t use my trusty HK Girl Top Coat, but it dried quickly and was good to go! Then, I used Pueen Plate 59 to stamp using Sally Hansen In a Haze which is also going to be in the Beach Mattitude collection. I like how this turned out! I did have to work quickly as the matte polish dries very fast on the stamper. I used a stiff stamper (this Konad one to be exact) At first, I tried using my squishy Wistonia stamper, but that did not pick up the polish out of the plate. It’s very interesting how some polishes prefer sticky vs. hard stampers.

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Author: Anne

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