10 Household Items that are Surprisingly Useful for Nail Art

I’ve noticed throughout my travels in the nail art universe that there are many things we use for nail art that people wouldn’t normally think of! I picked out the 10 I personally use the most to share with you. Please note, I’m not the original idea-woman behind these items. I’ve just picked up these tips along the way from various Facebook groups I belong to! These are the actual items I use, though! :P

  1. Toothpicks
    Used for: Watermarbling! I like using toothpicks for this because it’s nice and small, they’re cheap, and you can use it more than once before it gets too dirty.

  2. Eyeshadow brush or other type of cosmetic brush
    Used for: Cleaning up around your cuticles after you’re done polishing. You have to figure out what style of brush is best for you. The ELF Eyeshadow brush isĀ  very popular. I like a stiff brush, but others like a softer brush. It’s personal preference.

    French Tip Brush

  3. Sauce cup
    Used for: Holding acetone for your cleanup! You’ll use the brush from above and dip it into the sauce dish to get acetone.


  4. Scotch Tape
    Used for: Taping off designs for nail art. I use this the most for basic french tips. But, I’ve also used it to make squares, triangles, and patchwork manicures. P.S. An adorable tape holder makes it more fun to look at on your workstation. :P


  5. Q-Tips
    Used for: Cleanup around the cuticle after the manicure. I used Q-Tips in addition to the brush above. I use the Q-Tips for the big work, like if I got a big drop on my finger, whereas I use the brush for more delicate work that might actually be on my nail and/or cuticle.


  6. Lint roller
    Used for: Cleaning your stamping head after pressing the design on your nail. The lint roller removes all the polish without damaging the stamper’s head. It’s also super easy to use, even when your nail are still wet!


  7. Tampon
    Used for: Cleaning your stamping plate after you pressed the image on your nail. I will dip the slightly extended tampon into acetone (using the sauce dish above) and then I’ll rub it on the stamping plate. As you can see, I was recently stamping with purple polish!


  8. Credit Card/Hotel Room Key Card
    Used for: Scraping your stamping plates. The ones that come in the kits that are made of metal will terribly scratch your plates. Plastic cards are more gentle on the plate, but still remove all the excess polish. In fact, I think they do a better job because they’re a little flexible.

    I will also use these as a spot to drip polish on when I’m doing dotting, gradient, or lines. It’s much easier to use this as an artist’s pallet than it is to try and dip the dotting tool or sponge in the polish bottle!


  9. Makeup sponges
    Used for: Gradient nail art, galaxy nail art, and I’m sure more! I use these sponges because they’re easy to cut, meaning that I can use each one for many, many mani’s. You can see in the second picture that I cut this one already from the last time I used it.

    Makeup Sponges Bag

    Makeup SPonges

  10. Painter’s Tape
    Used for: Custom nail art designs. You can cut the painter’s tape however you want to create custom stencils for nail art. I don’t like scotch tape for this because it’s too flimsy and will usually rip. Painter’s tape is stronger but won’t ruin what’s already on your nails!

    Painters Tape

    Did I miss something? Is there a common household item that you use to do nail art. Something that nobody would expect? Share your tips in the comments!

Author: Anne

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