NYC City Samba Collection

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Introducing the NYC City Samba Collection – a collection available nationwide starting from June – September 2014. I was sent two of the polishes, a bronzer, and a lipgloss for review! I’m excited to tell you guys about this collection. I’ve only ever used one other NYC product – the Big Apple Lip Balm which I’ve almost used up!! (Using something up is a mark of a good product!)

Let’s take a look at the makeup first. I was sent Liquid Lipshine Lip Gloss in Guava. This will be available in three limited shades – Papaya, Passion Fruit, and Guava. I love the color I got because it’s exactly the color I like to wear. It smells divine and goes on well. I reapplied a few times during the day, as would be expected of any gloss. These will retail at $1.99.



I was also sent the Sun N’ Bronze Bronzing Powder. This is a smooth, lightweight bronzing powder with the tiniest tint of shimmer. (Not a lot at all.)  This will retail for $4.99.




Here are hand swatches of the gloss and all three colors from the bronzer. They went on smoothly. They aren’t too opaque, which is good considering I’m so fair that most bronzers look like clown makeup on me.


And now for the fun part! SELFIE ALERT!! I used the bronzing powder on my cheeks, but I also used it as my eyeshadow! I LOOOVE it as my eyeshadow! LOL! I also like this as a bronzer because it’s not too dark for me. The coral color adds a much more natural look. I really like this as a contouring product. I’ve had it for a week now and I’ve used it everyday since I got it.  The liquidshine gloss is on my lips too, of course!



Finally, the City Samba collection includes 8 polishes. They will be retailed for $1.99. When I put on the first coat of each of these, I was worried because it looked so sheer. I thought I might need at least three coats. However, when I put on the second coat, I was good to go. It self leveled very well and came out quite vibrant in the end.


NYC Jacaranda Flower is a lovely dark lilac purple.  I was playing with my camera settings trying to make my pics better and it backfired. So I apologize that these look a little fuzzy. The color is accurate, though!




NYC Palm on the Beach is a true Kelly green. This color will be perfect for St. Patty’s day next year! But it’s also a great green to wear for the summer!


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