Ulta Haul Swatches!

Here are even more swatches from my shopping spree a few weeks ago. Have I ever told you that I love shopping sprees??? Is there anything better than a ton of new polish? Well, probably lots of things, but polish is up there!


Essie Beach Bum Blu is a light metallic blue. It’s a little streaky, but most metallics are. I think the color is gorgeous and perfect for summer!







Orly Neon Heat is from the Baked collection. You can see two of my other swatches from that collection here. I think the collection is gorgeous and I’m glad I picked this up at Sally’s.









Orly Tropical Pop is the other one I picked up from Sally’s from the Baked collection. They were buy one get one free, so how could I not? I wouldn’t normally get this color, but it was free and is unique to my collection so I grabbed it.







Finger Paints Surf’s Up! is a crazy beautiful blue. I think it looks like a gorgeous body of water with the sun shining on it. I can’t wait to do nail art with this.












Finger Paints Be My Baby is an amazing red shimmer. These two are actually my first Finger Paints and I’m quite impressed. I think the blue and the red look gorgeous together so I’ll be doing some nail art with both of them soon.






Author: Anne

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