Lace Mani Using Vivid Lacquer VL28

I finally got my Vivid Lacquer pre-order in the mail!!! Woo hoo! This order took forever to get because Anni had so many problems with her manufacturer. Luckily, she communicated that to customers so nobody was too mad. ;) This is plate VL28 which has lacy, antique, victorian designs on it. I loved this plate as soon as I saw it! I started with three coats of OPI Chic From Ears to Tail which is from the Minnie Couture collection. This pink has the subtlest amount of sparkle in it. I could only see it when applying in thin coats, you can’t even really tell by looking at the bottle! Then, I used Konad Special White to stamp some of the different lace designs on top. {Shhhh…I’m giving away an Enchanted Polish. Check it out here.}







Author: Anne

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