Sally Hansen Specialty Top Coats

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In case you haven’t already heard, Sally Hansen has some new specialty topcoats! Every time I go to the store, I’ve been eyeing these, so I was very lucky when Sally Hansen sent them to me! I got three from their collection: Sally Hansen Big Glitter Top Coat, Sally Hansen Big Smoky Top Coat, and Sally Hansen Big Shimmer Top Coat. I swatched these over three different colors for you so you can see how they each look over a variety of colors.

Sally Hansen Big Glitter Top Coat, called MeteorLight is on my pinkie.  It has big silver, black, green, and blue glitters. It’s gorgeous!
Sally Hansen Big Shimmer Top Coat, called Twinkle Snows, is on my pointer finger.
Sally Hansen Big Smokey Top Coat, called Smoky is on my ring finger.
Nothing is over the polish on my middle finger so you can see what the polish looks like in its natural form.


Here are the top coats swatched over Sally Hansen Mauve Matter, a nude color from the upcoming matte collection.







Here are all three top coats swatched over In a Haze which is from the upcoming matte collection.







Finally, here are the topcoats over Seasational which is from the Tahiti Sunset collection.






I was surprised to realize that the Smoky top coat was my favorite! Many people online were saying that all it does is make the polish black. I don’t think that’s true at all! If you look at my ring finger in each of the swatches, the Smoky topcoat really takes on the undertones of each of the different colors. I love it! I especially love it over the purple!! It adds so much depth! I can see using this topper for a ton of nail art.

I like Twinkle Snows because it adds a lovely shimmer to each polish you lay it on. It has hints of green and I think it has a lot of uses.

The Meteorlight one is my least favorite. I did have to fish a little to get the glitters out. But, I think it adds nice pizzaz to the different colors. I like it over the nude color the most.

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