Nails Magazine 31 Day Challenge: Ice Cream Nails

I have recently discovered the Nails Magazine 31 Day Challenge. Obviously, I can’t do all the days this month because I didn’t find out about it until now! But I’m certainly going to do all that I can!  Here’s the schedule for the month:


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Today, we have Ice Cream nails! This is my first time doing anything like this so I wasn’t sure exactly how to do it. :P I started with two coats of Sally Hansen White Beaches. Then, I taped off triangles and used Pistol Polish True Grit, I’ve Got It as the cone. Then, I used a dotting tool with Sally Hansen Fuchsia Flare to create strawberry ice cream! I sprinkled a little glitter on to look like sprinkles. Hope you like it!







Author: Anne

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