China Glaze Neon Swatches

Yesterday, I went on a crazy shopping spree. These three polishes were part of it! I got these three China Glaze Neons for $5.50 from Sally Beauty Supply. SCORE!!! The packaging said they were all from the neons collection, but I have a hard time believing that’s true of the blue. Methinks someone swapped out the polishes. But it’s pretty anyway so I’m glad I got it!

This is China Glaze Flying Dragon. It’s a gorgeous dark purple with tiny shimmers in it. This doesn’t have a top coat on so you can see it dries naturally to a matte-satiny finish.





China Glaze Pool Party is an reddish orange neon. This is also without a topcoat and it dries like most other neons-with a soft matte look.






China Glaze Frostbite is the one that came in the three pack but I don’t really consider this a neon! But it’s a gorgeous metallicy blue!




Author: Anne

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