Zoya Tickled Water Marble

Yep! It’s me attempting water marbling again. I WILL get this technique down! I do feel like I’m getting better each time I try. I guess that’s to be expected, right? LOL! Today I did a marble with three polishes from the Zoya Tickled collection. I picked out Kirtridge, the light pink, Rooney, the light purple, and Ling the cheerful blue.



A few weeks ago, I got together with other nail artists, Gari from @margarita_onthe_rocks, Heather from @hottmama_of4, and Brandi from @rainydaymanis and they showed me some tips that really helped! If you’re not already, you should totally follow them. They are crazy talented and I hope to like them someday!!! :P






Author: Anne

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