Zoya Pixie Dust – Summer 2014 Collection

I received the Zoya Pixie Dust – Summer 2014 Collection as a press sample from Zoya.com. I was super excited to get these because I only own one other pixie dust and I love it!!! There are three additions to this collection this summer. Bar – A Nude Topaz Color, Ginni – A Pink Tourmaline Color, and Arlo – A Violet Amethyst. Each of these is three coats and is a glitter BOMB packed in a jelly base. These have small glitters and large glitters. Just glitter, glitter, glitter!


First, we have Zoya Bar. This is a nude glitter which I’ve never really seen before. I think this color would look fantastic on someone who isn’t as pale as me but I think this could look really cool for some nail art.





Zoya Ginni is a light pink glitter which again, is quite unique to my collection. Most of the glitters I own need a base coat whereas these can stand on their own two legs.




Zoya Arlo is a purple packed with glitter and happiness. This one is totally my favorite of the collection. I find the color to be the richest and I’m a sucker for purple!Zoya-Arlo-Swatch



You can pick these up on Zoya’s website here.

Author: Anne

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