My Last Four Empties

One of the best ways to know if someone really likes a product is if they actually use up a whole package…and then buy it again! In this post, I’m going to show you my last four empty containers and I’ll let you know if I will re-buy them! I got the idea for this style of post from Anastasia at the Magnificent Road.

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Mane ‘n Tail Hoofmaker Hand and Nail Therapy

Where to buy: I get mine in a 3-pack from Amazon.
Will I buy again? Yes! I love that this lotion dries quickly and moisturizes well. I need lotion that dries quickly because then I can move on with my life! LOL! And usually that means painting my nails! I hate having to sit and wait for lotion to dry before I can paint my nails.

Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil Refill Bottle

Where to buy:
Will I buy again? OMG YES. YES. YES. This is a REFILL bottle which means I’ve gone through a ton of cuticle pen applications. This stuff is amazing and wonderful AND the creator is wicked nice. You can see my before and after pics of my cuticles here. That was before I bought a lightbox, so I hope you’ll excuse the poor lighting.



Julep Facial Cleansing Oil

Where to buy:
Will I buy again? No. I don’t think it was that amazing and it’s not cheap. I think my Cetaphil does way better than this oil. I didn’t think this oil did a very good job of getting my eye makeup off.  The good news is that I have super sensitive skin and this worked well with my skin. I just don’t think the benefits justify the price.

Julep Party’s Over Glitter Removal Kit Refill Pads

Where to buy:
Will I buy again? Yes. I use these little remover pads when I’m swatching. I know a lot of bloggers use acetone, but that stuff really kills my nails. These Julep remover pads have aloe in them and I think that makes a big difference. I’ve swatched up to 12 polishes (that’s a lot!) in one sitting and my nails didn’t get dried out. I think these pads are the reason. I will buy them as long as Julep sells them!



And those are the last four things I emptied!

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