Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Swatches

I have recently become obsessed with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polishes. I heard a while back that they were good for stamping and that totally holds up. I picked up these four at the store the other night. Three of them will be good for stamping. Grape Going is metallic and unfortunately doesn’t seem like it will be a good stamper. It needed two coats for full coverage while the other three needed just the one. But it’s still a gorgeous color and my husband picked it out so of course I like it!


Sally Hansen Jade Jump is somewhere in between mint and jade. This is one coat! It’s unusual that a light polish would only need one coat so I’m pretty happy I picked this one up…and technically my husband picked this one out!



Sally Hansen Grease Lightening is a dark purple-gray. Again–one coat! This one will be fantastic to stamp with! Good thing I love stamping so much!Sally-Hansen-Grease-Lightening


Sally Hansen Expresso [sic] is a rusty brown red. And…you guessed it…one coat! I really want to stamp this over a milk chocolate brown color. Is that too fall for the spring/summer??




And lastly, Sally Hansen Grape Going! is a metallic purple with hints of blueish. This color is super gorgeous and I’ve already done nail art with it. It’s just not likely to be a good stamping polish. But that’s ok!Sally-Hansen-Grape-Going

Author: Anne

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