Nail Polish Indie Brand Buffy the Vampire Slayer Collection

Today I have the Indie Brand Nail Polish Buffy the Vampire Slayer Collection swatched for you! You can find more from this brand at

Update!!! Jodi, the creator of Nail Polish Indie Brand is offering my readers 10% off their orders from anywhere on her site!!! This code is only good for my readers, so thank you for reading! :P The code is BETTYSBEAUTYBOMBS so use it early and use it often! Enjoy!

Each of these polishes is a sheer holo. The nice thing about that is you can layer them over other polishes to create a ton of different looks. The downside is that if you want to wear it alone, you need at least three coats. I decided to swatch these as-is for you so you can see what they look like without layering. Each of these is three coats. The application is pretty smooth. I did happen to swatch some OPI polishes right after and they’re not as smooth as OPI, but is anything? LOL.

Let’s take a look at the polishes.

Buffy is a hot pink color. One the maker’s website, she shows it layered over white and black also, which is gorgeous. I suggest you check it out! I will more than likely do nail art with this one in the near future! :P



Dawn is a teal color. I love teal polish. Next to pink, it’s my favorite color. Too bad I thought Dawn is a whiny, obnoxious brat in the show. I’ll just have to overcome that and use this polish anyway!Nail-Polish-Dawn


Giles is a medium purple tone. What’s funny is that I now own three different Buffy-inspired collections and in every one of them, Giles is purple! Why is that? Is it because he’s British and purple is a royal color or something? Can someone explain this to me? I’ve watched this show at least 50 times all the way through and it’s not like Giles is always wearing purple or something! LOL!Nail-Polish-Giles


Spike is a grayish silver color. I get why this color makes sense for Spike considering that he’s a pale vampire with bleached hair. He is also one of my favorite characters…except for the little incident where he attacks Buffy. But he totally redeems himself in the end!Nail-Polish-Spike


Willow is a coral color. As with my other collections, Willow is always coral! At least this one makes sense to me, though. She has red hair! And, she’s an earthy Wicca chic so coral makes sense in that way, too. I also love Willow’s character. Edit: Willow is a thermal! I did not know that when I was swatching these, but wanted to throw it out there so you know! Now I want to run back and re-apply Willow so I can see this thermalness!! Nail-Polish-Willow


Xander is by far the most interesting color in the collection. In the bottle, I thought it was going to be slate gray, almost like a light black. Then, I swatched it and realized it was more brown than anything. Then, I looked at it under the light and there was also a ton of purple in it. I love this polish! And Xander. I also love the character Xander.Nail-Polish-Xander

If you like nail polish, and indie brands, and Buffy, then this collection is for you! :P Do you have a favorite one from the collection?

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