Swatch Spam: Drugstore Nail Polish Edition (Pic Heavy!)

Here are some swatches that I’ve been holding on to for you. These are all from the drugstore and are less than $6 each (Essence is $1.99!) and pretty easy to find. Some of these pics were taken before I rearranged my lighting setup, so they’re a little dark. But I hope you like them anyway! :D

This first one is LA Girl 3D Holographic Brilliant Blue. The application on this one was super easy and smooth! And look at the depth in this one! They weren’t kidding when they called this line “3D”!!



LA Girl Teal Dimension is another from the 3D Hologram collection. This is two coats and gorgeous!LA-Girl-Teal-Dimension-Swatch


LA Girl Sparkle Ruby is my favorite of the three 3D Hologram polishes that I own. It’s a cheerful red. This is two coats.



This is Essence Me and My Lover from their sparkle sand collection. It’s a bright apple red with tons of little sparkles. Since I’m a huge fan of sparkly texture polishes, I obviously love this!



Essence Here’s My Number is a black sparkle sand with silver shimmers. This is two coats.



And last but certainly not least, Sally Hansen Mauve It from the Insta-Dri line. I picked this one up because I heard Insta-Dri stamps well so I can’t wait to try it out! THis is two coats.



Author: Anne

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