Neon French Tip Skittle

While I was at Sally Beauty last weekend, I saw they had a new mini’s collection for this summer. It’s four neons! They looked gorgeous in the bottle and they were only 99 cents each so I picked up all four. I was inspired to do a skittles french tip so I could merge the collection together in a single mani.

Polishes used, all from the Sally Girl Neons Collection
Sally Girl OMG (Light Pink)
Sally Girl XOXO (Purple)
Sally Girl Cool (Hot Pink)
Sally Girl Crazy (Orange)





In other news, I’m watching a new show on Hulu called “Resurrection”. I’m not totally sold on it yet. I’m only on episode four, so no spoilers in theĀ  comments, please! I’ll just say one thing: This better not be aliens. That would be stupid.

Author: Anne

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