Julep Maven Bombshell May 2014

I got my Julep Maven Bombshell May 2014 box in the mail today. I added on two colors from the May 2014 collection in addition to a mystery polish. May 2014 is also the month where Julep introduced the highly debated plie wand. If you’re interested in signing up for Julep, please consider using my referral link by clicking here.


From left to right, we have Maddy (add-on from the Classic with a Twist Box), Paulette (add-on from the Boho Glam Box), Laree, Saaya, and Bess (mystery add on). It’s clear that Bess was old inventory which I should have known. All of Julep’s mystery items and boxes are old inventory. It was so old, it was literally dusty! LOL! At least I don’t already own it, so that’s a bonus.

Julep-Bombshell-May-2014  Julep-Plie-Wand

And now for the swatches. All swatches are two coats.

Julep Laree is a dark coral with golden shimmers. I’m so happy Julep is starting to get away from all-creme collections. The shimmers in this one are gorgeous!



Julep Saaya is a peach with golden shimmers.



Julep Paulette is a lovely lilac with golden shimmers.



Julep Maddy is a lovely, rich raspberry creme. It has extremely subtly shimmers.



Julep Bess is a light, baby boy blue. This is the mystery polish so it’s from a previous month’s collection. I’m not sure which one.


I am very happy with my box this moth, including the add-ons. The only thing I wish I would have skipped was the mystery polish. I just need to remember it’s always their old overstock!!

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