Zoya Tickled Collection

I received the Zoya Tickled Collection as a press sample from Zoya.com. It is part of the Tickled and Bubbly collection. The Tickled part consists of 6 creme shades that go very well together. In fact, they all went so well together that I decided to showcase all 6 in a skittle nail art mani!

Polishes used from left to right:
Zoya Tilda
Zoya Rooney
Zoya Rocha
Zoya Wendy
Zoya Kirtridge
Zoya Ling


Here’s the art design I cam up with using the whole collection. I started with two coats of Kirtridge as my base coat. Then, I taped off my nails and from pointer to pinkie used Tilda, Ling, Rocha, and Wendy. Finally, I used my dotting tool and Rooney to accent it.



And now for you swatch-lovers, here is a plain swatch of each of the polishes in the Zoya Tickled Collection. All swatches are two coats. As we have come to expect from Zoya, the formula was easy to work with and self-leveled well.

Zoya Kirtrodge is a bright, Barbie pink color.


Zoya Ling is a bright, cheerful blue that’s not quite cobalt in color.


Zoya Wendy is a medium coral color.


Zoya Tilda is a creamy medium green. I can’t quite put my finger on what it reminds me of. (No pun intended.)


Zoya Rooney is a light purpley pink.


Zoya Rocha is a cheerful orange-red. It’s definitely more orange than red.


I found myself wanting to describe each of these colors as cheerful. I think that’s what Zoya was going for, based on the collection name of “Tickled”. Well, I think they nailed it! This collection has a lot of versatility but blends very well together. You can tell they are a set.

Do you have a favorite?

Author: Anne

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