Zoya Bubbly Collection

The Zoya Bubbly Collection was sent to me as a press sample. You can get a set at Zoya.com. The Zoya Bubbly collection consists of 6 polishes that are all jelly formulas with glitters and shimmers. Each one is shinier than the last! I did find that I needed three coats for each one and that even then, some still showed visible nail line. However, that is typical and expected for jelly style polishes. The other thing all of these 6 have in common is they almost have a duochrome effect due to the golden shimmers in them. I’ve never really heard of or seen a jelly with a duochrome effect, so to me, these polishes are quite unique! The great thing about these polishes is that even though they have glitter in them, they are not top coat eaters. I just did my one usual coat of HK Girl and the polishes was smooth, glittery, sparkly, and gorgeous!

From left to right:
Zoya Staasi
Zoya Binx
Zoya Jesy
Zoya Alma
Zoya Harper
Zoya Muse


Zoya Staasi is an emerald green color.


Zoya Binx is a lovely almost-royal purple.


Zoya Jesy is a cheerful tangerine.


Zoya Alma is a golden light orange and my husband’s favorite of the collection. :D


Zoya Harper is a joyful hot pink color and my personal favorite of the collection.


Zoya Muse is a sea-blue and is in a neck-for-neck race with Harper to be my favorite. :D


What do you think of this lovely Zoya Bubbly Collection? Do you have a favorite?

Author: Anne

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