Pretty and Polished May 2014

I am so happy that I discovered the Pretty and Polished boxes. And the Pretty and Polished May 2014 box is no exception! You can see what I got in last month’s box by clicking here. This month, we received two full-sized polishes, two mini polishes, small nail art bottle, toe separators, and sugar scrub. OMG! So much amazing stuff!


Pretty and Polished Pebble is my least favorite of the four, so let’s start with that. It’s a white milky polish with neon, different shaped glitters. The neon pink heart glitters were my favorite. :D This is three coats.



Next up, we have Pretty and Polished Party on My Yacht. This is another milky polish with glitters, but I like this one 100 times better than Pebble. It has bright blue and orange mini glitters. This is three coats.




Pretty and Polished  Candy Coated is a gorgeous Barbie pink with pink and purple glitters. This is three coats.




Pretty and Polished Tales of Lagoona is absolutely my favorite from this month. It’s an ocean blue holo! This is two coats.



What’s your favorite?

Author: Anne

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