ManGlaze Gradient Dotticure

I’m a huge fan of ManGlaze nail polish. You can get them easily on Amazon, too, so they’re not even hard to find! They naturally dry glossy but are killer glossed! It’s totally a win-win.

Polishes used for this mani:

ManGlaze Santorum
ManGlaze Fatty’s Got More Blood
ManGlaze LesbiHonest
ManGlaze F#&k Off and Dye

I started with two coats of Santorum, then I used my large dotting tool to put dots of Fatty’s Got More Blood near the cuticle line. I then switched to the medium dotting tool and put two rows of Lesbihonest. Finally, I used the small dotting tool to put two rows of F#&k Off and Dye. Before you scroll to see the pics, I should tell you that on the bottle of F#&k Off and Dye, the F-word isn’t censored and I forgot to cover it with my finger. So, if that word offends you, then you probably should stop scrolling before you get to the 5th picture. :)

Here’s a picture of the matte and glossy side by side.



And now for the individual bottle shots. First, let’s see the matte version!





And here are the glossy shots. I love how simply adding a glossy topcoat makes the shimmer in these polishes really pop out!




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