Essence Superheroes Collection

When I first heard about the Essence Superhereos Collection, I just knew I had to have it. I kept waiting for my grocery store to get it, but it never came in! Then, one weekend, I made my husband drive around to six different stores looking for them! At the 6th store, I found 2 of the 6. Luckily, I’m in a locals polish addicts group and one of the girls picked up three more for me! Hooray!


I’m only missing one – the gold one. None of my locals stores seem to have it! So it’s just one I’ll have to keep on my “In Search Of” list and keep my fingers crossed!

Essence The Incredible is a sand effect finish. It’s a beautiful teal with little sparklies! This is two coats.



Essence Fantastic Girl is a thermal effect finish. It starts as a royal purple and then when it gets hot, it turns a lighter lilac! I think thermal polishes are so cool! I’m sorry about the smudged polish in the second photo! I was too eager to run it under hot water and it got smudged by the water. Oops! :P I needed three coats for full opacity on this one.



Essence The Awesome is the galaxy flakes finish. It’s a light lilac jelly that looks remarkably like Fantastic Girl when hot. The Awesome has medium hex glitters and small glitters. I did three coats for this swatch.



Essence Super, Man! is the holo effect finish. It’s a metallic silver with tiny holo shimmers. It’s so sparkly and pretty in real life! This is two coats.



Essence Power Girl is the oil slick effect finish. This one is absolutely my favorite of the collection. It’s a gorgeous duochrome that shifts from dark blue to purple. I love this one! This is two coats but I actually could have gotten away with one.



Do you like the collection? I think for $1.99 a pop, this collection is a total win. I love the finishes, the theme is amazing, and I’m so glad I got them all!

Author: Anne

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