Revlon Spiderman 2 Collection

I was at the grocery store perusing the nail polish aisle when I stumbled upon the new Revlon Spiderman 2 Collection. I snapped up all 6 of them because each one looked so stunning! The whole collection is a shimmery metallic finish. The selection of colors is gorgeous!

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Revlon Super-Powered is a dark blue with light blue shimmers. This is two coats.



Revlon Spidey Sense is a shimmer red with golden shimmers. This is two coats.



Revlon I’m Electro is a grayish blue with silvery shimmers. This is the only one in the collection that could possible be considered a duochrome. This is two coats.



Revlon Gwen’s Crush is a hot pink/purple with silvery blue shimmers. This one is my favorite of the collection. This is two coats.Revlon-Gwen's-Crush-Swatch


Revlon Electrified Web is an orange metallic with golden shimmers. This one really catches the light! Again, this is two coats.



Revlon 1000 Volts is a golden metallic with green shimmers. This is two coats.



I just think this collection is gorgeous. What do you think? Do you have a favorite?

Author: Anne

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