Espionage Cosmetics – Nerd Makeup

I went to an event last weekend at Espionage Cosmetics. They are the makers of Nerd Makeup. All of their pigments are named after nerdy things! It’s a very fun idea for a makeup line.

I just wanted to write a quick post to show you how great their lip products are. The idea is that you can mix any of their pigments with any of their lipglosses to create custom colors. I picked up the Clairvoyant pigment which is hot pink and Venom lip gloss which is an orangey shade. I mixed them together to create the lip color you see below. (Alert: Rare face pic! :D)


And here’s a shot of my well-loved Thermos coffee mug. Why would I show you a picture of my coffee mug? Am I turned into a Thermos reviewer all of a sudden? Or maybe I’m reviewing coffee? Or maybe I want to show you how this mug has held up despite being dropped 100 times a day? (As the scratches attest to.)
None of the above! I show you this picture because of what is NOT in the picture. What’s NOT in the picture? LIPSTICK! This lip combo wasn’t transferring to my mug! I was so impressed! Normally there is clear lip product on the rim of my mug. Not with this combo! How cool is that?!?!?!


Author: Anne

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