Julep Maven April 2014 Box (Part 1 of 2)

I received my April 2014 Julep Maven box last week. This month, I decided to upgrade to the polish lover’s full box because I really couldn’t decide which polishes I wanted! Therefore, the only reasonable thing to do was to get all nine of them, right? Look at them! Just look at them! Drool!!!! This is, by far, the best collection Julep has ever put together. There isn’t a plain creme in the bunch!! Each one is gorgeous in its own right and has a little extra flair.

Julep April 2014 MavenHere are the first 6 of the 9 colors. I will post the remaining 3 tomorrow. (All swatches are two coats.)

Julep Maren is a light pink with blue a frosty duochrome finish. It is amazing and gorgeous. In fact, I actually wore it for a full mani for a full day after swatching these!! It’s gorgeous!

Julep Maren Swatch

Julep Maren

Julep Sunny is a metallic bright yellow. I don’t usually like yellow all that much, but this one is just too cheerful to pass up!

Julep Sunny Swatch

Julep Sunny

Julep Tatum is a metallic lime green. This is another one that I wouldn’t normally pick, like Sunny, but it’s just so cheerful that I love looking at it!

Julep Tatum Swatch

Julep Tatum

Julep Kayla is a light blurple with an orange duochrome finish.

Julep Kayla Swatch

Julep Kayla

Julep Phoebe is a metallic frosty emerald color. This is another stunner in the collection!

Julep Phoebe Swatch

Julep Phoebe

Julep Caitlin is a hot pink with tiny orange shimmers.

Julep Caitlin

Julep Caitlin Swatch

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