Same or Similar? Saturday: Hot Pink Nail Polish

It’s time for another edition of Same or Similar? Saturday! This week, I’m going to compare four different hot pink polishes.

The contenders are:
Milani Pink Rocks!
Revlon Bubble Gum Pink
Sally HansenĀ  Fuchsia Power
Formula X EurekaHot-Pink-Nail-Polish-Dupes

And now, I have rearranged the order and painted them on my nails! Can you tell which is which?

Same or Similar Hot Pink
With topcoat
Without topcoat
With topcoat

Answers after the page break! :D
And now for the answers….

From left to right: Sally Hansen Fuchsia Power, Formula X Eureka, Milani Pink Rocks!, and Revlon Bubblegum Pink

Hot Pink Polish Swatches

Hot Pink Polish Comp

Did you get them right? I think they all look remarkably similar except for the Milani Pink Rocks! Due to its jelly finish, it comes off very differently on the nail than it does in the bottle. The other three…well…They are pretty darn close! I think the Formula X is slightly darker than the others, but I would consider these dupes.

Let’s take a look at the brushes and discuss formula.

Sally Hansen
Formula X

My favorite brush of the four is the Sally Hansen one because it’s nice and square, which is easier for me to apply. However, the formula was the least desirable of the four. It was very thick and difficult to get an even coat.

The best formula of the four was the Formula X. It went on smoothly and self-leveled very well. It was easy to get an even and clean coat.

If you could only buy one of these and you’re on a budget, I would recommend the Revlon. It’s formula and brush are middle of the road but it’s the best of the drugstore options. If you can spend a little more, I recommend the Formula X because its formula is better than the others. The Milani doesn’t really compare since the color is so different.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite?

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