#HePicksMyPolish Challenge: Beach Art

Today’s mani is a super fun one! The challenge is to have you man in your life pick 2-3 polishes. My “he” is my husband. I had to leave the room while he was picking them so that I wouldn’t accidentally influence him. :D


Here are the polishes he picked:

They are: Zoya Yummy, Sally Hansen White On, and China Glaze Metro-Pollen-Tin. He said that he even had a design idea which was to do a beach mani. That was super challenging for me because I’m not good at freehand and he didn’t pick a good stamping polish! LOL!
So here’s my attempt at a freehand beach scene using the polishes my darling husband selected from my collection.




China-Glaze -Metro-Pollen-Tin


Author: Anne

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