#LLAdoration Mani

For today’s mani, I’m doing one inspired by a prompt from The Lacquer Legion. For the month of February, the theme is “Adoration”. The great thing about The Lacquer Legion prompts is they are really open up to your interpretation.

I decided to do a mani inspired by Marilyn Monroe. Simply put, I adore her. I know she had her share of drug, alcohol, and mental problems, but her life is fascinating to me. I’ve read four biographies of hers and watched almost every movie she’s appeared in–even if she only had one line! I just find her fascinating.

This mani is inspired by the dress she wore in The Misfits, which is the last film she ever finished shooting. I hope you like it!

I used Sally Hansen Red My Lips and Sally Hansen White On.

Marilyn Monroe Cherry Dress


Marilyn Monroe Manicure


Sally Hansen Red My Lips


Sally Hansen Red My Lips


Author: Anne

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