Julep swatches from the February 2014 Maven Box Part 2

Here are swatches for the rest of the Julep February 2014 Maven Box except for Cameron as mine was damaged and I’m waiting on a replacement.

I also received my missing Party’s Over Glitter Removal Kit. This kit looks very, very promising! In fact, I’m going to do a glitter mani tonight just so I can try it out tomorrow!

The idea is that you put the removal pads on your nails and then stick you finger in these plastic caps. That way, the polish remover doesn’t evaporate before it does its job. :) You don’t need to use remover pads, you could just tear up a cotton ball and get the same effect. Cool idea!
Julep Roc Solid is a dark green crelly. This is two coats. The formula was good, but on the thick side.

Julep Octavia is a dark purple crelly. This is also two coats. The formula on this one was good and normal.

Julep Judi is a dark purple crelly–almost black. This is two coats. The formula again on this one was normal.

Author: Anne

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