Julep swatches from the February 2014 Maven Box Part 1

Well it’s starting! I’ll be swatching the entire February 2013 Maven collection. Here is part 1. I will swatch the remaining polishes in the collection later this week.

Julep Glam Roc is a Stardust Finish … also known as texture. I love texture polishes. This one is really pretty but the formula was nearly impossible to work with. It was super Gloopy! Just really, really thick. Also, I got a derpy brush that had bristles pointing every which way!

In the light, this is very sparkly. I like it!

Julep Greta is a dark pink shimmery polish. It’s very gorgeous. The application on this one was much better than Glam Roc! I am very happy with Greta.

Julep Love is a gold shimmer with pink glitters. This is two coats. Application was good on this one.

Julep Diamond Theory is a gold glitter. This is two coats. This formula is a little too thick for my taste. It made it hard to get an even coat.

Julep Goldie is a true gold shimmer. This is two coats. The polish is very pretty but I’m not sure it’s quite right for my skin tone. The formula was good.

Julep Kristen is dark green shimmer. This one is gorgeous and is competing with Greta as my favorite in the collection. This is ONE coat. The formula was thick but not too bad.

Julep Rooney is a brown crelly. This is two coats. The formula on this one was good. Compared to the other Juleps it seemed thin but compared to every other polish in the world, it’s normal.

Author: Anne

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