Julep Maven February 2014 Ultimate Upgrade Box

This month I decided to treat myself and get the ultimate upgrade box along with a number of add-ons. Unfortunately, Julep forgot to include the add-on I was most excited about: the glitter polish remover kit. ARGH! Julep! Get your #&@ together!!!

Anyway…here’s what I DID get from my order this month:

Click pictures to enlarge

I added on the Bare Face Cleansing Oil, Kajal Eyeliner (which I love) and the Konjac Sponge

Julep Cameron, Julep Rooney, Julep Kristen

Julep Diamond Theory, Julep Glam Roc, and Julep Roc Solid

Julep Judi, Julep Greata, Julep Octavia

Julep Love, Julep Goldie

Julep Dusty Taupe, Julep Deep Bronze, Julep Warm Fig, Julep Pale Nude, Julep Jet Black Gel Eyeliner

Author: Anne

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